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Language is a great problem-solving mechanism. How we talk about the climate influences how we think about it and how we act, which is why it is so important, now more than ever, to get climate content just right.


The good news is, there's an entire climate ecosystem out there. It's fully invested and brimming with life, but not particularly well-mapped or understood. This A.M.A.Z.I.N.G super ecosystem is comprised of a global spectrum of voices, perspectives, and academic disciplines. 


My role as a Founder and Publisher, as I have defined it, is to curate and create climate content that names, acknowledges, and represents this climate ecosystem, in an objective and nuanced way.

The podcast builds on those ambitions but it took finalising Season 1 for me to appreciate exactly what ‘The Change’ is and what it exclusively isn’t.


'The Change' is jazz. Not science. Not tech. Not feminism. Not exclusively. It’s all 3. It’s everything all at once. Like climate breakdown...Like jazz. 


And like jazz, it’s complex, fascinating, and always original, much like the extraordinary earthlings who graciously agreed to be my interviewees. 


This note is also an opportunity to give thanks to my team. ‘The Change’ wouldn’t have come to life without them.


I would like to thank Ines and Lauren for their professionalism and commitment to this project. Thank you for all your hard work, for being so attentive to the details, and for being such good eggs.

I would also like to thank Antoinette for volunteering to step in to read out my interview questions when I lost my voice. 

- Zara







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A Note To Our Listeners
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