These supper clubs are about net-zero, about facilitating the speed and scale of the transformation we need. 


Now that implementation and scalability is the talk of the town we thought we might lend a hand, put our social networks together and lend our efforts to the adoption and scalability stage. These dinners are an opportunity to facilitate mass-scale implementation for climate tech and apps for impact across the public and private sectors.

The success of climate tech and apps for impact requires a huge amount of funding and clients to reach its full potential. We cant help with the funding component of the equation but we can facilitate introductions with climate specialists, city officials and senior representatives from big corporations.


We are connecting people who we know are looking for solutions and inspiration with people who can provide that and we are being very discerning in our part. The tech partners we work with already have impact depth, we're helping them achieve impact scale. 

Our objective is to work with the most impactful technologies required for net-zero with an emphasis on scalable. Which is why we are focussing on facilitating conversations between the impact and climate and the corporations and cities that desperately need both their help and all the help they can get to inch closer to net zero.  

Apps for impact is about connectivity and facilitating and driving collective intelligence. 


Mind meld

With global and local governments, private sector, investors and entrepreneurs working towards a common goal, we have the best chance of tackling the global climate crisis by the opportunites to mind meld. and facilitating engagement beyond that phase - which is also where our impact tech partners really shine. 

Europe is one super-connected tech ecosystem and in order to really drive progress, we need cities and industries to work together to spark ideas, share knowledge and scale solutions. 


We will curate, organise and mediate discussions with climate tech companies and apps for impact. Each gathering is between 40-45 people no more and invite-only. These events are intimate in that they are concentrated. 

Focussing on global tech hubs - London and Stockholm to begin with. We're going vegan and fully sustainable.


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Autumn/ Winter 22


Home to the biggest cluster of climate tech companies in Europe, London is destined to be a global leader in taking action to meet global climate commitments.


It is one of the first cities in the world to publish a climate plan compatible with the highest ambition of the Paris Agreement.


London’s ambition to become a net-zero carbon, zero pollution and zero waste city is backed by a strong strategy, targets, infrastructure and finance and demonstrates its commitment to being the city of the future, today.

The UK ranks 4th globally for climate tech investment, with London-based startups receiving over 70% of UK funding.

Looking for an invite? Funny, we're looking for a sponsor. If that's you, feel free to drop us a note


Spring/ Summer 23

Stockholm is one of the world’s leading tech startup cities. It is also Europe's greenest capital and is aiming to become fossil fuel-free by 2040. 


Stockholm is where tech meets sustainability. It has a dynamic market for alternative fuels and renewable energy.


Add the region’s tradition of tackling environmental issues and the fact that Stockholm is simultaneously decreasing emissions, and you get the foundation for one of Europe’s most vibrant cleantech clusters.

Looking for an invite? Funny, we're looking for a sponsor. If that's you, feel free to drop us a note. 


Climate tech and apps for impact

The climate tech companies we are working with are actively decarbonising and de-risking key sectors across, transport, buildings and cities. 

Our apps for impact partners are delivering and developing sustainable platforms with which to engagae and educate the ecosystrem green policies and create the optimum conditions for growth and get the word out. The ultimate aim here is to drive collective intellgence. we are handpicking guests who can use the supper clubs as an opportunuty to Form partnerships with tech partnrs and other stakeholders of the academic and institutional variety to drive system change.

With 40% of emissions reductions reliant on technologies not yet at mass-market scale, scaling the technology that we do have is extremely important. 

Create relevant knowldege networks, clusters and consortiums. Leverage outcome-driven open innovation to foster effectivetclimate tech -corporate/ muniicpal cooperation.

*Our definition of a climate tech is a company working to reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and address the impacts of climate breakdown.


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Zara Amer


Irene Pontisso


The reasons behind the success of the Stockholm cleantech sector are often cited as: integrated and holistic city planning, close ties between public institutions and private enterprise in combination with stringent regulation. Now we can't help woth thsoe but we know people who do and we saw value in bringing them together. 

The years we have spent pouring ourselves into event agendas, creating advisory boards and pacifying sponsors might have equipped us with a certain leverage and we want to spend that currency on a cause that's important to us. 


Before Irene worked for the government and I started TCCP we were Conference Directors and Heads of Content for publications and conference companies in London. Between the two of us, we have been producing events for over 10 years. And together we are bring the global power of our entire combined network to the climate change project supper club. Irene is volunteering. The Cabinet office has kindly agreed to let her work on this with me. 

Irene produced events for government - government ministers, civil servants, Cabinet members, members of different ministerial departments - government. 

I produced tech and finance events and content. My first gig was producing a sustainable tech event that was endorsed by President Obama. 


We have our own philosophy about what makes a great event and that's what we are putting to the test here. 

These will be local gatherings. The only people doing flying will be Irene and myself to and from Stockholm. 

The menu will be vegan and circular. The flights will be offset (Not because we believe that offsetting is the answer to everything but because the airline industry only has this option and walking to Stockholm was not an option either of us was willing to entertain. 

Combined our networks and passion for London's vegan food scene and eco-friendly cocktails.