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These dinners are about achieving net-zero and the climate tech companies helping corporations and cities inch closer to their 'net-zero by 2050' targets.


The key technologies we need to reach net-zero emissions are known, but not all of them are ready. Around 35% of the technologies we will need are currently at the prototype or demonstration phase. A further 40% of emission reductions rely on technologies not yet commercially deployed on a mass-market scale so scaling the technologies and solutions that we do have is of paramount importance.


The objective of the supper clubs is to drive that scalability. We will be facilitating conversations between our tech partners, all of whom have impact depth and are currently working towards impact scale + the corporations + cities that critically need their solutions to define and execute their net-zero strategies and targets.

The climate tech companies we are working with are actively decarbonising and de-risking key sectors across, transport, buildings and cities.

At a time when everyone everywhere is getting busy designing and delivering climate technologies, policies and funds we want to do our part by designing and building a door where the providers of solutions and ideas can share knowledge and create partnerships with the corporations, cities and investors that can adopt and advance their designs.


Climate technologies require a huge amount of uptake if they are to reach their full potential. We intend to curate and foster introductions between climate specialists, city officials, corporates and the most exciting climate tech providers out there. As such, these supper clubs are an opportunity to facilitate the mass-scale implementation of climate tech across the public and private sectors.

Also, in order to reach net zero, corporates and cities need to replace incumbent systems with climate tech which will require the cooperation of the climate tech ecosystem. These supper clubs are an opportunity for our guests - the private sector, environmental academics, representatives of global and local governments, climate tech investors and entrepreneurs - to do exactly that: to cooperate, to mind-meld, to reinvent. 

The supper club will launch in leading climate tech hubs around the world. We are starting in London, Stockholm and Paris. We are going vegan, local and sometimes circular. Each gathering is between 25-40 people. No two gatherings will be alike. All supper clubs are invite-only.


In the interest of keeping the process entirely indie, democratic and educational, transcripts from all panel discussions and guest lists will be featured in a series of climate city reports and will be available to all our readers free of charge. 


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London is a climate tech powerhouse and one of the driving forces behind Europe's rapid growth in climate tech. It is one of the first cities in the world to publish a climate plan compatible with the highest ambition of the Paris Agreement. With a thriving climate tech ecosystem, London is home to 416 climate tech companies - more than any other European city.


Stockholm is one of the world’s leading tech startup cities. It is also Europe's greenest capital and is aiming to become fossil fuel-free by 2040. It has a dynamic market for alternative fuels and renewable energy. Add to that the region’s impressive environmental credentials and Stockholm's success rate for lowering emissions and it's clear to see why they made our list!


Since the Paris Agreement, we have seen exceptional growth in the number of climate tech companies globally however, Paris's climate tech credentials are especially formidable. The climate tech sector in Paris is super dynamic and holds a special spot in Europe's entire climate tech ecosystem. Among Europe's best startup hubs, Paris stands among the top 3 cities.


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Before I started The Climate Change Project, I worked as an Editor and Head of Content for publications and conference companies in London, Amsterdam and San Francisco. I have been producing events for just under 10 years for the tech, institutional finance and fintech sectors. My very first gig - a sustainable tech event was endorsed by President Obama in 2014.


The years I have spent researching the climate, tech and financial sectors, pouring myself into event agendas and creating numerous knowledge networks, clusters and consortiums have equipped me with a certain skill set, and some leverage and I want to spend that professional currency on an issue that is important to me. 

My rolodex and experience aside, my role in this equation is to be discerning, decisive and a good advocate. I have my own philosophy about what defines a purposeful event and it doesn't include plastic lanyards, awkward slogans, pushy emails and "networking" breakouts. 


Meaningless start-up slang will also be avoided. At all costs. All things plastic, infantilising and frivolous, be they items, ideas or narratives will also be avoided. At all costs. 

These supper clubs are not for show. We are not bringing people together to speak in monologues. Climate breakdown is serious business and we will continue to treat it as such. All gatherings are local. The only person taking flights to and from Stockholm, Paris and London will be our Editor. The menu will be vegan and local. The flights will be offset. Not because we believe that offsetting is the answer to all things environmental or otherwise, but because offsetting when done right, is the only environmentally effective tool currently available to airline passengers committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their business travel. 



BigMarker are our amplifier. They are fellow-dot connectors and they will be facilitating more connections, more content, more cool all around for our sponsors. 

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