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The Change brings together words and women, who in the permutation of 26 letters, over the course of 10 episodes, bridge some of the boundaries that exist and persist between women and technology in the Anthropocene. 

This podcast is an attempt to fill knowledge gaps. 
Knowledge gaps that we will bridge through the lens and expertise of the women contributing to this podcast. 

Our interviewees are the conduit through which we will outline the fundamentals of climate tech. Through them, we will highlight the complex interdependencies and incomplete knowledge that defines our present understanding of gender equity and technology's tie in with climate breakdown. 

There is a huge disconnect between those who understand the possibilities of climate tech and those who truly understand the climate breakdown problem.

The women we are interviewing connect both topics by professionally bridging both worlds. 

The medium is very much the message here. 

One through which we have the option to embrace the complexities and various conflicts in the reasoning, narratives, and institutional protocols around climate tech and climate breakdown.

​A climatic breakdown that is making marginal existences even more fragile by disproportionately affecting women in developing countries.

The Change was designed to speak to and problem-solve the realities of the unconnected and the voiceless majority.

It is as much about and for the women at the mercy of the climate crisis as it is about learning from and spotlighting the women developing, financing, and procuring climate tech in the Anthropocene.
The Change: Women, Technology and the Anthropecene
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Manuella Cunha Brito
S1 E1 – Manuella Cunha Brito


Manuella is a Brazilian entrepreneur living in France, who is driven by the mission of reversing climate change and reducing inequalities. She is co-founder of Climatescape, a market intelligence platform for climate tech. She maps thousands of climate innovations in sectors like energy...

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Inna Braverman
S1 E4 – Inna Braverman


Inna Braverman founded Eco Wave Power at the age of 24. Under her leadership the company installed its first grid-connected wave energy array, secured a significant projects pipeline of 325.7MW, and became the first Israeli company to ever list on Nasdaq Stockholm. Recently the company...

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S1 E7 – Amina Idan Paul

Amina Idan Paul is an Engineer and a specialist in energy and sustainable development for the Ministry of Energy in charge of Natural Resources in Djibouti.

She was appointed as an Earth Champion, charged with leading the way in the construction of Africa by IGAD-ICPAC in...

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Dr Heather Jones
S1 E2 – Dr. Heather Jones


Heather Jones, Ph.D., MBA is an economist with expertise in construction, environmental, and transportation economics. She specialises in econometric forecasting, data modelling, sustainable project evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, life cycle assessment, and accounting for environmental impacts...

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Karla Mora
S1 E5 – Karla Mora


Karla Mora is Founder and Managing Partner of Alante Capital, a VC fund investing in innovative technologies that address climate change and enable a resilient, sustainable future for apparel production and retail. Alante invests in innovative technology start-ups that improve production practices...

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S1 E8 – Dr. Theanne Schiros


Theanne Schiros, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at FIT, a Research Scientist at Columbia University, and a co-founder and the Chief Science Officer of Werewool, developing biodegradable textile fibers with DNA-programmed color and performance. Her research focuses on development and...

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Tafaol Alageb
S1 E3 – Tafaol Alageb


Tafaol Alageb is a Partnerships Officer at the World Food Programme in Sudan. Prior to this, she worked at the Government of Sudan at the Higher Council of Environment and Natural Resources as a Research Associate. Within that role, she led different research projects such as market-based policy...

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Monika Martinsson
S1 E6 – Monika Martinsson


Monika Martinsson spent 12 years in the global capital markets industry, working with high-end trading software solutions. In 2016 she founded Deedster together with 3 friends, who all wanted to spend their professional energy and skills on being part of the solution to climate change...

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S1 E9 – Dr. Catherine Nakalembe


Catherine Nakalembe is the Program Director for NASA Harvest Africa, the space agency’s food security and agriculture program for Africa. She uses satellite remote sensing and machine learning to collect data to guide agricultural decision-making and improve the lives of smallholder farmers in Africa...

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Dr Debra Roberts
S1 E10 – Dr. Debra Roberts


Dr. Debra Roberts is currently head of the Sustainable and Resilient City Initiatives Unit in eThekwini Municipality (Durban, South Africa) and was selected as the city’s first Chief Resilience Officer in 2013. Dr. Roberts was a lead author of Chapter 8 (Urban Areas) of Working Group II’s contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC...

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Language is a great problem-solving mechanism. How we talk about the climate influences how we think about it and how we act, which is why it is so important, now more than ever, to get climate content just right...

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Lauren Bird


Ines Cetenji

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We are seeking fellow dot-connectors to come podcast with us on Season 2 of The Change

If you have an intimate relationship with the following words: Change + Women + Technology + Anthropocene, you could be our next interviewee.

Calling the Curious



Interested in becoming a distributor but don't know what that means?


We are seeking curious, responsible earthlings to join our ecological ecosystem of climate nerds, climate tech enthusiasts, climate tech skeptics, conscientious capitalists, scientists, impact investors, academics, youth coalitions, and NGOs.

We are building a partnership and distribution program that goes way beyond 'influence'—we are re-evaluating and redefining the way people think and talk about climate breakdown and the Anthropocene. It’s about more than influencer marketing, Instagram hashtags, YouTube comments, and Twitter likes, it’s about facilitating a shift, one that is as seismic as it is subtle. 


Feeling curious? Drop me a note here and I will tell you all about it. 



...and if you have made it all the way down here, I am guessing, you are too. 


We are in the market for exactly 2 sponsors with solid climate credentials to partner with us on upcoming seasons of The Change. We are an entirely new kind of start-up and would be best matched to an organisation that will respect

and champion our editorial independence and ambitions to spotlight the rapidly evolving and dynamic space that is women working in climate tech. Many of our interviewees have professional experience and/ or an academic specialisation in highlighting the impact climate breakdown is having on vulnerable women and children in the Global South.


With every episode, we will inch closer and closer to identifying the women defining the climate tech ecosystem. And with every series, we will inch closer still to developing a lingua franca to voice and problem-solve the extremely complex and serious issue that is climate-induced gender inequity. 


Full disclosure, this podcast is an experimental one. We are taking an all-around holistic and new approach. Low-key and nuanced is the new loud, which is why we need sponsors who are as brilliant and as dignified as our interviewees and as genuine and supportive as our distributors. Our super sponsors value the confidence and charisma of stealth marketing and see climate breakdown as an opportunity to act first and brand second. 


The Change features women of letters and actions, women who are actually in the arena. If you like the sound of that and our ambitions align, let's mind meld. Come join our global experiment where we commit to a practice of listening, studying, and questioning.

Calling the Committed
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