18 Oct 2019

It's not my favourite song from the Pure Comedy album. It’s my third favourite.

I don’t know Father John Misty personally but I’m glad that someone like him exists. He is thoughtful and in possession of an uncompromising brand of honesty. In short, here is a man afflicted by 'the madness of sincerity'. A personality trait I’ve been thinking a lot about recently, ever since I saw Greta’s speech at the UN this September.  

It’s demoralising to be made...

4 Oct 2019

The New Frontier is Here

Whenever I hear the words ‘thought leader’ I think of Jacqueline Kennedy and wonder what she would have made of their pairing. I suspect she would have recoiled at the thought of someone calling her first husband that.

She might well have considered ‘thought leader’ to be a perversion of two perfectly respectable words, fused together to create a synthetic and clumsy phrase that is about as inspiring as the word ‘thoughtcrime’ is innocent. 

That's what she wo...

2 Sep 2019

Climate change will be felt through water

Climate change will be felt through water as it alters the quality, amount, distribution and timing of available water. By 2025, one in every two people on the planet will live with water stress. For one in nine, the problem is already here. ⁣

All our existing water problems will be significantly exacerbated by climate change which is already having a measurable effect on the water cycle. Ecosystems, industries and communities will be affected as t...

18 Aug 2019

The Origins of Moral Judgement

In an article published in Scientific American in 2013, Paul Bloom, Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science at Yale University summarised the findings of a fascinating study. Bloom and his team of researchers at the Yale Infant Cognition Center conducted a series of experiments on a group of infants, some as young as 3 months old and found that human beings are born with an innate sense of morality, justice and empathy. They concluded that infants are, in...

28 Jul 2019

I check in on Christopher Nolan, Alex Garland and Darren Aronofsky often. Despite not knowing them personally, I can’t help but trust them in the way you can’t help but trust talented people in Hollywood -  with all my heart, no holds barred. 

Some directors make you feel safe by showing you more of the same. They recycle the familiar, even original ideas are presented with a heavy dose of nostalgia. Other directors, a small handful, make you feel safe by challenging you and ex...

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