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3. Publisher vs. Publicist

Q. What is The Climate Change Project?

The Climate Change Project is an indie publication that serves as an antidote to antiquated, uncritical, and one-dimensional climate reporting and politicking.

We are in the business of investigating climate facts, interviewing climate experts, and complicating climate narratives.

We do this sensitively, out of respect to the global majority, and in service to the most vulnerable.

Here’s my elevator pitch - The mainstream channels simply aren't meeting the public’s

expectations and demand for un-politicised, comprehensive, honest climate reporting.

We know for a fact that the public is considerably more informed and alarmed about climate breakdown than they are given credit for, so, we went indie.

We went ‘indie’ because the mainstream isn’t meeting the public where they are.

We went ‘indie publisher’ because self-learning is the missing link between climate processing and climate action and that’s the chasm we are trying to bridge.

We are living in the golden age of 'teach yourself anything'. This trend in digital culture underscores why indie publishing is the right platform, the right weapon, and the right philosophy to advance climate action.

Climate breakdown needs a publisher, not a publicist because we don’t need more downplay, more infantilising, more spin. The world is suffocating on climate spin. And climate PR is done. It’s dead. It’s an outdated model that only worked in a world prior to social media, email marketing, web content, and Gen Z activism...


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