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I would argue that climate activism has infinitely more to do with creativity than it does with freedom.

Becoming an activist is at its core an act of self-creation. When you start educating yourself, you start taking responsibility for your words and your actions.

Beyond the science and policies and the digital and physical campaigning climate activism requires a lot of emotional self-regulation.

There’s no processing the scale and intensity of

climate breakdown without developing some kind of inner dialogue to help you contextualise, validate and frame your experiences and learnings.

Activism is leverage. Climate activists have been instrumental in framing climate breakdown as an issue whereas previously, thanks in part to some very sneaky lobbyists in the U.S., it was being framed as a debate.

Unfortunately for all of us, this equal parts silly and insidious narrative of ‘Is climate change happening or not?’ crossed over to many countries, introducing and formalising climate skepticism wherever it landed.

Non-violent climate activism is a public service. When you watch activists communicating their fears, you might not realise it, but you’re mirroring them. You’re purging your fears alongside them which explains why they make so many people so uncomfortable.

Ultimately, we are all better off for having them around.

Curiosity pays unexpected dividends. Stay tuned for more insights, observations, and acronyms for your world within.


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