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Blockchain and Deforestation


MAY 2018

Vol. 1, Issue 1

The focus of this report is about conserving the world’s rainforests and the aim of the featured panel discussion and articles is to evaluate the significance of a new stakeholder on the horizon - the blockchain start-ups.

This report set out to investigate whether the transparency element of blockchain could potentially help raise a large-scale deforestation awareness campaign.

Pairing blockchain and deforestation isn’t an altogether unfamiliar concept, but it hasn’t been practiced on the ground yet. This report brought experts from both sides together to talk about the reality of the situation and fundamental challenges and barriers to blockchain adoption.

From the onset, success seemed more likely if both sides can establish a line of communication and hopefully support. What we’re effectively talking about is a merger between the experience of the NGOs, coupled with the efficiencies and transparency of blockchain technology.

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