The Climate Change Project

is a first-of-its-kind, independent, climate publication designed for a digitally self-educated, climate-concerned world.


At present, the world is ill-equipped to face the myriad systemic and personal risks brought about by a changing climate and we are in need of a climate-focused digital publication that will inform on these issues and redefine outdated narratives in real-time. Minus the adspeak. 

An entirely new brand of investigative environmental journalism, publishing, and PR is now required. One that will reflect the culture and priorities of an already climate conscientious society, further redefining itself in a post-pandemic world. And this is where we come in...

was created to counter the poor climate information diet. 

We counter by plugging information gaps, by naming, defining, and detailing specific climate problems, and interviewing the experts who are solving those problems with concrete actions. 


We understand that it will take a mix of academics, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, and other experts, across a range of disciplines, currently ignored by the mainstream, to report on climate breakdown in a relevant, accurate, and nuanced way. 

Come Change With Us as we untangle and democratise stand-out research + insights + scientific facts about all things climate as all things change.






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