The Climate Change Project

is a first-of-its-kind, independent, 
publication designed for a digitally educated, climate anxious world.
We bring together Cities, the Public + Private Sectors, Academics & Youth Activists to outline the countless unreported realities, underreported research, front-line efforts & technologies that will help us assimilate, adapt & prevent the most adverse impacts of climate breakdown.
We are designing a new brand of investigative environmental journalism, publishing & PR


that reflects the culture & priorities of an already climate conscientious society, further redefining itself in a post-pandemic world. 

At present, the world is ill-equipped to face the myriad systemic & personal risks brought about by a changing climate & we are in need of a climate-specific & independent digital publication that will inform on these issues & redefine outdated narratives in real-time. Minus the adspeak. 


It will take a mix of experts, across a range of disciplines, currently ignored by the mainstream, to report on climate breakdown in a relevant, accurate & nuanced way. A spotlight on women in the Global South, Gen Z, a focus on adaptation & personal resilience are also key to meeting that objective & this is where we come in.


We believe that accessibility is essential to equity.


Come Change With Us as we untangle & democratise stand-out research, insights & facts about all things climate as all things change.


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